Top 20 specialties of Hanoi as gifts, meaning and quality

Those who have visited Ha Thanh will want to bring a little “taste” of this land as gifts for everyone. Hanoi specialties as gifts, must ensure deliciousness while still showing the typical sophistication of this place. Please refer to the suggestion below of LeGia Vina-food

1. Ô mai

Referring to the quintessence of Hanoi gifts, no one does not think of an O MAI dish with a sour, salty, spicy, sweet taste. For a long time, umbrellas have become the quintessential snacks of the Hanoians.

The Ha Thanh people from the past are inherently delicate, yet from adults, to children, everyone cannot resist the attractiveness of this dish. Certainly, Hanoi’s umbrellas have a sophistication, a hidden beauty that people can only recognize and be attracted to when enjoying.

O Mai Hanoi today appears on most street corners and streets. Anyone can easily find and buy small, beautiful, flavorful traditional umbrellas for themselves, for friends, family and to give and give to loved ones.

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There are many types of oolong such as tamarind, ginger, plum, …

2. Cốm – Young Rice

Referring to Hanoi, everyone remembers nuggets. Going to Hanoi without buying nuggets is like never going to Hanoi. In particular, Vong village & Young Rice in Me Tri village is a specialty gift as a gift that is chosen by many tourists.

Remembering the nuggets is remembering the green color of the delicious rice seeds wrapped in a fragrant lotus leaf and tied with sticky rice straw into a complete square. If you have a chance to eat nuggets here, you will remember forever about the soft, flexible, fragrant rice grains made from carefully refined sticky rice seeds. Nuggets are a symbol of the taste of old Hanoi, honest and high. Giving this special Hanoi dish to relatives and family is to send Hanoi’s autumn flavor to remote lands.

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The best carpentry in Hanoi

3. Chả cake

Cake is one of the long-standing traditional dishes of the Hanoians. These small beautiful cakes, made entirely from traditional ingredients such as fat, diameter, flour, glutinous flour, lime leaves, diameter and salt, … The pastry has a golden color like being baked on the stove. Firewood in the past, brings a warm taste and reminiscent of the old Hanoi days.

Cake is really a simple, rustic gift but brings a closeness and extremely warm. From the simple ingredients, with the skillful hands of the artisans, each cake comes out of the oven and is preserved in small plastic packages that are suitable for meals. A gift that is easy to carry, easy to give and gives the recipient a lot of meaning.

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Bánh chả

4. Lotus Tea

Tay Ho lotus tea is also one of Hanoi’s specialties as a famous gift. This is a very meaningful gift that brings the taste of Hanoi to people near and far.

Tay Ho lotus tea is considered the most expensive Vietnamese tea. To make 1 kg of tea, 1500 flowers of San Bach Diep Tay Ho are needed to be picked before dawn when the flower buds are still closed. Therefore, this type of tea has a quite high price, ranging from 10-13 million / kg.

To ensure taste, tea needs to be properly brewed. The teapot should be a ceramic pot or a saucepan coated with boiling water to make it warm. Use a small bamboo stick to put the tea in the kettle, cook the boiling water from 90 – 95 degrees C to avoid the tea being strong. Incubate the tea for 10 seconds and then pour this first round of tea into a small kettle to enjoy. This will be a great gift for tea lovers.

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Trà sen mang lại cảm giác nhẹ nhàng, thư thái

5. Chè lam cake

If in the past, the patisserie dish was usually only made and used on Tet holiday as a cake with special significance, nowadays, people can buy it at any time. The cake is light brown in color, adding a light coating to the outside to create a supple and attractive look.

Biting off a piece of cake, immediately feels the slightly fragrant, chewy taste of ginger and the sweetness of molasses. Lam tea cake is especially suitable for sipping with a cup of hot tea on cold days. Just take a bite of green tea, take a sip of tea to have the feeling of enjoying the whole cultural sky of Ha Thanh, full of sophistication.

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Bánh chè lam

6. Sấu

Crocodile trees as well as beautiful small crocodiles for many years have become a symbol of Hanoi heaven easily reminds everyone of the land of thousands of years of civilization in Hanoi. Hanoi Crocodile with hard shell, crunchy, sour and sour taste has become familiar with the lives of every person here every summer.

Crocodile fruits can be processed into many different dishes to sip such as stomach crocodiles, ginger pickled crocodiles, crocodile oolongs, … A bowl of boiled water spinach soup or sour soup also needs the presence of fruit. Alligators are sour to taste. In the hot summer, alligators reappear in the sidewalk bars, helping to cool down and bring coolness. Crocodile fruit is a practical gift for friends and relatives of each person when returning from Hanoi.

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  • 188 ngõ Thịnh Quang, Đống Đa
  • 465 Đội Cấn
  • 75A Trần Xuân Soạn

7. Silk

Hanoi has nearly 300 traditional craft villages, producing a wide variety of different products. If you are looking for souvenirs that are bold in Hanoi, do not forget to come to the traditional products of these craft villages.

Silk is one of the traditional cultural beauty of old Hanoi. Currently silk products sold in Hanoi are mainly silk fabrics, silk towels, shirts, bags, … which are favored by many tourists.

Silk is very meticulously handcrafted, the silk is very soft and thin, users have to dry clean to keep the fabric from being ruffled. In addition to the high-end items with very high prices, there are also a lot of towels, fabrics, and silk-blended shirts to serve the average needs at affordable prices for those who want to buy silk products. Hanoi returned as a gift.

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8. Diễn grapefruit

Dien pomelo is a type of pomelo belonging to Dien village, nowadays it belongs to Phuc Dien ward, Bac Tu Liem ward, Hanoi. Dien grapefruit is impressed by its thin, golden skin and succulent grapefruit shrimp inside. A more special thing is that the longer this grapefruit is, the wilted the skin, the more delicious and sweet the fruit will be. So choosing Dien grapefruit as a gift is definitely a perfect choice.

Dien Grapefruit is also one of the five types of five fruits that are often displayed on the ancestor’s altar every Tet holiday, a sign of fullness, coolness and good luck. This Hanoi specialty will surely satisfy the recipient not only by the deliciousness of Dien grapefruit but also by their profound meaning.

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  • Trang trại Xanh Hà – Xã Mai Lâm, Đông Anh, Hà Nội
  • Đường Quang Tiến – Nam Từ Liêm – Hà Nội
  • Tổ 3 – Phúc Diễn – Bắc Từ Liêm – Hà Nội

9. Ceramics

Bat Trang Hanoi ceramics for a long time has become a brand name, a souvenir that anyone wants to receive. This is one of the gifts that is most suitable to the most recipients, because they have a variety of styles, designs, colors and uses. Popular ceramic products such as: vase, cup, bowl, chopstick, pen holder, decoration, …

In addition to the delicate, high-class and luxurious designs, Bat Trang ceramics does not lack products with colorful, bright colors, suitable for young people and for children. Therefore, do not miss a meaningful gift, bearing bold traditional Ha Thanh when visiting Hanoi.

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10. Giò chả Ước Lễ

In Hanoi, there is Uoc Le village which is famous for its spring roll specialties. Coomit Festival is also one of Hanoi’s specialties that is loved by visitors from near and far because of its delicious taste and quality assurance. Covenant’s roll is made from the meat of a small breed of pig. The meat is filtered and crushed very quickly with a heavy pestle. Then continue to taste spices according to the village’s special recipe. Finally, the sausage is wrapped with a banana leaf soaked in boiling water. Boil for almost an hour until the spring rolls are ready.

Cha Uoc Le can be served with steamed rice or with sticky rice, which are perfect combinations.

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11. Phu thê cake

The bride’s cake, also known as xuê xuê cake, is a Hanoi specialty dish with many different colors: blue, red, orange, yellow, extremely eye-catching. This beautiful little cake means good luck and happiness. The wife’s cake used to be used only on Tet holidays, weddings, weddings. Now, because of demand and popularity, it is very popular in shops, supermarkets, …

The most famous Hanoi fiancee cake is usually sold at Hang Than street. Like rice cakes, spousal cakes are very difficult to preserve, so take advantage of them to send them to relatives and friends and avoid transporting too far!

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12. Dày cake Quán Gánh

Thick cake is a traditional cake of Hanoi, with a smooth, round white crust and a soft and supple sweet bean filling. This dish is probably associated with the land and the Hanoi people for a thousand years, appearing from the fairy tales of Banh chung, banh chung.

Thick cake is a type of rice cocoon. It must be Hai Hau sticky rice. Its seeds are big, round, shiny, then the crust can make it fragrant. After the food is cooked, the rice must be pounded while it is still hot, and then cover with the green pepper bean paste, which is fragrant and delicious. The white cake is soft, round and flexible, just take a bite to feel the taste of Hanoi heaven and earth.

Because of that rustic but simple taste, Hanoi thick cake, especially Quan Ganh thick cake, becomes a gift from Hanoi people every morning, every afternoon, becoming a meaningful gift for travelers. far.

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13. Gai cake làng Giá

Gia Lang Gai cake is a black cake with fresh coconut and sesame seeds, inside the hemp cake is a very delicious green bean filling. The beans used to make hemp cakes must be tea beans with small seeds and musty old skin. The used rice must be the fragrant yellow flower sticky rice. After the hemp cake is molded, wrap it evenly with hemp leaves into equal, flat cakes.

Coming to Gia village once, no one can forget the taste of the rustic hemp cake, the faint scent of thorn leaves. The delicious thorn cake, taking a bite is the sweetness of the cake, the cool of coconut, the pulp of sesame and the fat of the green beans dissolving into the mouth. Surely this is a dish that can never be forgotten by just trying it once.

Gai cake is available in many Northern provinces, but certainly, nowhere is cake as delicate and sweet as the village of Gia gai cake, which has a long tradition and experience.

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  • Bánh Gai Bà Minh: 19 ngách 509/29 ngõ 509 Đại Mỗ

14. Chưng cake Tranh Khúc

Banh Chung is a traditional dish familiar to most people in the North of our country. This is not a very rare or difficult to find, but only banh chung Tranh Khuc in Hanoi can fully express the delicious taste and meaning of this cake.

In Tranh Khuc village, each cake is born is the effort and meticulousness that each artist’s experience in wrapping. From raw materials, all steps to do must be done accurately and professionally. An interesting thing here, is that the banh chung is always wrapped by hand, without a mold, but each person can pack from 80 to 120 cakes per hour.

Every day, the craft village produces thousands of cakes, but it does not ignore the quality or value of each cake, because it is packed with not only meat, beans, onions but also a feature. beautiful traditional culture of Hanoi people.

Reference price: 25K-100K / pcs

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15. Embroidery Painting Quất Động

Embroidery has been found in many localities all over the country, but probably nowhere has products that reach the level of sophistication and skillful techniques like Quat Dong village, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi.

The embroidery products here are made entirely by artisans, meticulously embroidered from trees, flowers, .. to even human portraits. Embroidery is a profession that requires craftsmen to recognize persistence, dexterity, a keen eye and aesthetics, know how to combine colors and patterns in harmony. Quat Dong embroidery village’s products range from ink paintings, folk paintings, blankets, curtains, pillows, shirts, …

Since all products are hand-embroidered, with needle thread, color thread, silk fabric and embroidery frame, a sky of folklore gradually appears on each product. This is definitely a unique, meaningful and cherished gift that everyone wants to receive.

Purchase address:

  • Xã Thắng Lợi – Huyện Thường Tín – Hà Nội, SĐT: 098 391 36 35
  • Xã Quất Động – Huyện Thường Tín – Hà Nội

16. Mứt sen trần

Hanoians from past to present are elegant, polite and extremely delicate in their way of speaking, walking and eating. That elegance and sophistication is clearly shown through the long-standing habit of eating lotus jam and enjoying tea.

Hanoi jam is quite diverse from ingredients, flavors and processing methods, however, in terms of meaning as well as traditional flavors, there is no jam that can replace Hanoi’s bare lotus jam.

Beautiful round lotus jam, small, raised to light, you can immediately feel the transparency of the sugar water infused. The taste of lotus jam is immediately mingled with sugar and dissolves in the oral cavity, not too fragile, nor too awkward, but only leaves a mildly sweet aftertaste. Lotus jam seeds usually go with a hot tea pot on the table every Tet, coming spring or the full moon in August, also often appear on the altar of the ancestor with a package of Sen tea. Do not forget to buy lotus jam as an exquisite gift from Hanoi.

Purchase address:

  • Số 11 Hàng Đường, Hoàn Kiếm
  • Số 17 Bạch Mai, Hai Bà Trưng
  • Số 46A Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Đống Đa

17. Rattan and bamboo

Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi is known by the Hanoians with the most famous bamboo and rattan tradition in Vietnam. Products made from bamboo and rattan are extremely diverse from baskets, baskets, baskets, tables, chairs, lamps … These products are both diverse and durable, supplying to Asian markets such as Thailand, Japan. Japan, Korea and some countries in Europe.

The products of this bamboo and rattan crafting village not only have great significance in terms of culture and traditions of the Hanoi people, but also have high quality and applicability. Therefore, these products always become one of the top choices when visitors choose souvenirs in Hanoi for friends or relatives.

Purchase address:

  • Thôn Phú Vinh – Xã Phú Nghĩa – Huyện Chương Mỹ
  • Thôn Quan Trâm – Xã Phú Nghĩa – Huyện Chương Mỹ
  • Thôn Khê Than – Xã Phú Nghĩa – Huyện Chương Mỹ

18. Khúc cake Hoàng Mai

Hoang Mai Banh Mi is also one of Hanoi specialties chosen as a gift. This is one of the most famous dishes of the village.

Hanoians love sticky rice because of its special flavor. It is a combination of glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice flour, green beans, fatty meat and pepper in a simple yet delicate dish. Eating a simple piece of cake, inhaling the aroma of the leaves and feeling the delicious taste of the cake, you will feel the culinary spirit of the North.

Buy cake and send it to your friends, don’t forget to tell you to eat it right away to ensure freshness.

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19. Quạt Chàng Sơn

Chang Son – Thach That – Hanoi is a long-standing traditional craft village, the cradle of fan making profession. The products here are extremely diverse, from nan fans, paper fans, silk fabric fans, paddy fans, leaf fans …

This is a long-standing traditional product of Vietnamese people in general and Hanoi people in particular. Chang Son fan is special and famous thanks to the meticulousness and sophistication of the craftsman’s hand in each fan making step. The process of making a fan is always strict from choosing bamboo, soaking bamboo, choosing papyrus, … A quality fan product must be a thin, tight fan when folded and thin fan paper, but Must be tough and soft.

Chang Son Fan is an impressive and unique souvenir gift, which is extremely meaningful to the recipient. This is also a special gift from Hanoi to give to foreign friends, to introduce the cultural beauty of Ha Thanh.

Purchase address:

  • Gỗ Giang – Xóm Đình – Chàng Sơn – Thạch Thất – Hà Nội
  • Phòng 608 – nhà B1- Mỹ Đình 1 – Từ Liêm – Hà Nội

20. Gio cake

Hanoi rice cakes are also known as tro cakes, ú tro or banh nam. This is a traditional Ha Thanh cake, made with the main ingredients of glutinous rice soaked in ash water. This type of cake is very unique and pure Vietnamese, often appearing in the ancestral ceremony of the old Hanoians next to dishes such as sticky rice, tea, meat, …

Ha Thanh traditional rice cake is a type of cake without filling, when eaten with honey, molasses or granulated sugar. However, these days, pancakes are often made with green beans or grated coconut to make them easier to eat.

Banh gio is a gift in Hanoi, associated with the childhood of many people. Banh gio is also a popular gift, reminiscent of people going far away and bringing Hanoi to other people in the countryside.

Reference price: 5k – 20k / unit

Purchase address:

  • Số 79 Phố Huế
  • Số 14 Hàng Bè

Certainly, when coming to Hanoi, many tourists have a headache when choosing Hanoi specialties as gifts because there are many delicious and attractive dishes. LeGia Food will suggest to help you buy specialties in Hanoi to give to relatives and friends as gifts or simply buy and enjoy with your family.


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