Discover 5 cheap night markets in Hanoi “attracting customers”

Hanoi Night Market not only sells a variety of diverse and affordable items, but also is a gathering place for exciting and vibrant street music shows. Along with LEGIA-FOODS discover some Hanoi night markets that attract the most visitors!

5 most famous and bustling night markets of Hanoi

1. Old Quarter Night Market

Speaking of Hanoi night market, the most known and mentioned name is the Old Quarter night market. Located in the unique old town of Hanoi, the most famous tourist destination in Ha Thanh, the night market of the old town is the stop of many tourists. The market is open from 18h – 23h on weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Combined with the walking street on the weekend, tourists can enjoy walking to admire the beauty of 36 streets and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the market.

Bustling old town night market (photo collection)

The market stretches from Hang Dao street, through the gate of Dong Xuan market, continues to go to Hang Khoai and Giay goods. The old town night market sells a multitude of different items. Rich in genres and diverse designs, this is the ideal place to buy shopping for Ha Thanh people. Clothing, accessories, decorations, handicrafts … have very affordable prices with good quality. In addition, visitors can stroll to relax, enjoy the beauty of culture and art of the old town with unique street music, captivating the hearts of people.

Old town night market stalls (photo collection)

The space was crowded, crowded with chat, laughs, sales of goods, and buyer’s bargaining. All create lively and exciting sound, attracting many passersby.

Food of Old Quarter night market (photo collection)

2. Green House Night Market

Located on Phan Van Truong street, Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay district, Nha Xanh market is known as the shopping paradise of students. Located in the surrounding location are major universities such as the Institute of Journalism and Propaganda, Hanoi National University, University of Commerce, Green House market open from morning to night, serving the needs of buying. procurement of students, students.

The items at the market are quite cheap, suitable for the student’s budget (photo collection)

3. Dich Vong night market

Located near Nha Xanh market, Dich Vong night market is also a famous cheap shopping destination. During the day, the market sells fresh foods to serve meals to households. At night, the market organizes the sale of clothes, shoes, bags, … at super cheap prices, attracting a lot of students to visit and shop.

Dich Vong Night Market (photo collection)

The market has a large area, bright lights spread over the whole neighborhood. The goods sold in the market are imported from China with a variety of designs, and the quality is quite durable with a cheap price. The special feature here is that the sales kios have listed a common price point. So you will easily see sellers offer the same prices in the kios. For example, T-shirts ranging from 50k to 70k will be pushed up to 120k – 150k. Please boldly pay the price and buy for yourself the items you like.

4. Linh Nam Night Market

The famous Hoang Mai night market is open from 8 pm to 1 am the next day, is a gathering place for the traders of goods. Linh Nam night market mainly sells low-priced items for customers with low income. The items of clothes and shoes are only about VND 50k – 300k. You can visit Linh Nam – Hoang Mai night market to choose your favorite products with the lowest price.

5. Phung Khoang Night Market

Like Nha Xanh market, Phung Khoang night market is located next to some famous universities such as Hanoi University, Security Academy, University of Social Sciences and Humanities,…. The main buyers at the market are the students and students of the above universities. During the day, this place only sells food, food and drinks. In the evening, the market will meet and sell fashion items, creating an extremely busy space, bustling passersby.

Phung Khoang Night Market (photo collection)

It is also a place to sell blankets, mattresses, cheap household appliances for students wishing to rent accommodation in the capital. On weekends, the goods are brought back by merchants in large quantities and countless beautiful designs. If you want to choose for yourself unique and new products, please visit Phung Khoang Night Market on the weekends. Make sure that you will burn out your bag when you come to shop here

Above are the Hanoi night markets that you should visit. Let’s explore many interesting things and enjoy the unique atmosphere in these famous markets!


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