LEGIA-FOODS – Specialties food of  Ha Noi ! 

“Still asking my heart is Young Rice 

I don’t know whose hand makes the lotus leaf…!”


Autumn flavor :
Hanoi whoes are far away, when they come back, have a time to remember the strange autumn place? I can feel the wind of lucky pig filling my soul when willow saddened by the willow in Sword Lake, when people from nowhere do not know, walking in the streets selling every inch of Com appears only in autumn …

The weather is high, the land dries, the trees give themselves a red yellow color, the hearts of people who miss each other, looking for soulmate, elegance, drink a cup of jasmine tea and a little … ! Cốm Mộc Lê Gia – Specialties food of  Ha Noi ! 

Local Food of Hanoi : 

Young Rice are a gift, not for other food. The autumn of Hanoi is as clear as a girl’s soul, clean, cool like no dust, so that the Ly Ngu carp must also pass Vu Mon to turn into a dragon. The morning is misty, the afternoon is cool, the night is calm and sweet ..

The nectar lay dreamily in each layer of old lotus leaf, filled with an aroma of flowers offered, or the leaves of a young, green, lustrous potato like a cool satin. Take a pinch, put it in the palm of your hand, tilt your neck, drop it on the tip of your tongue, it will melt, it will absorb, will whisper the sweet sweetness of the sky and the new country, the whole lotus pond, the whole wave of rice whispering. , the whole color of the hazy clouds … and dreamily remembers a stream of long hair fragrant with the scent of someone sitting on the nuggets on a moonlit night.

Occasionally, there have been gentle breezes gliding over the immense, immense, green sticky rice fields. In the sullenness of that early autumn wind, people felt nowhere a clear scent like the scent of heaven and earth, of sun and wind, of plants and trees. All waiting for the scent of Young Rice.

There is a dreamy beautiful autumn in Hanoi, there is a season of rice with a hint of sweet scent. And dear lotus leaves, cherish the hearts of the expatriate forever green and passionate nostalgia!
Heavenly friend, many seasons far away! Hanoi sent a green letter with a package of lotus leaf Young Rice to you, a little “cherished”, a verse of a hex with flavor and flavor … Please accept my friend, to remember a full autumn of aesthetic …


” I went to Ha Dong silk village

Buy a rose cloth for making love

Fresh green Young Rice to the fair market

Autumn wind spreads all over the passionate region


Young Rice cake : 

Hanoi autumn is a very beautiful and special season, it is mentioned in many literary works about Hanoi. One of the factors contributing to the special autumn of Hanoi is the flavor of Young Rice. Cereal is a long-standing folk dish of Hanoi, a feature of the culinary culture of Hanoi, Young Rice cake is a mandatory wedding gift on a happy day for the people of Hanoi. No one in Hanoi does not know about Young Rice, not a single tourist does not buy Young Rice or cakes as a gift when they arrive in Hanoi in August and there is also no autumn in Hanoi without flavor.

Young Rice sticky :

Young Rice are quite simple ingredients made of Young Rice sticky. The production process is also quite simple, after being harvested, young glutinous seeds will be pre-roasted, crushed, peeled, and re-roasted as finished products. However, in order to make a special rice dish in Hanoi, the effort of the person making it is not small. The sticky rice for making rice must be the famous fragrant yellow flower sticky rice, the sticky rice seeds must be carefully selected in the following field for the right time to harvest, the sticky rice must not be too young or too old. Each stage of roasting, pounding and peeling has its own secrets, requires a lot of experience and patience to create fragrant Young Rice and very beautiful emerald green colors.

In a Young Rice grain can be divided into kinds of Young Rice such as: the most delicious is very thin sprouts (like tamarind leaves) that fly out while sieving Young Rice after the final pounding. This tamarind leaf Young Rice are very small and rare, so they are often left to use by the comedian, but not for sale. The second delicious type is Young Rice. These are young sticky rice seeds after pounding. Each pot can only get at most 2/10 Young Rice to eat very chewy and sweet. The rest are the commonly sold nibs.

Young Rice have many ways to enjoy. You can simply open the package of lotus leaves and pick up the Young Rice and sip with Thai Nguyen tea, or more sophisticatedly, you can fry the Young Rice with sugar and coconut, or cook the Young Rice noodles and sticky Young Rice. A very special way to use Young Rice to treat international guests and esteemed guests is “Young Rice with banana pepper and quail eggs”.

In the South, there is a famous dish that has a similar way of making and shaped like Young Rice called flat rice, also made with glutinous rice. However, Cereal product has a mellow green color and aroma than flat rice because it is made from a special aromatic sticky rice and the production process is more complicated.

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